6 Signs of a Water Leak

6 Signs of a Water Leak

In some cases, the source of a leak is immediately obvious. But other times, an undetected leak can linger for quite some time before it is noticed. The important thing is that you take action as soon as you notice a sign of a water leak. By acting quickly, you can minimize water damage. Here are six indications of a water leak.

Higher Water Bill

If you're maintaining a consistent daily routine, your water bill should stay about the same. But if your water bill suddenly jumps by $20 or more, then there's reason to be concerned that a leak is present.


If a pipe is leaking inside a wall, then damp conditions could be created that are ideal for mold and mildew. Mildew on a shower wall isn't necessarily a sign of a water leak. But if it's showing up elsewhere, then a leak could be to blame.

Musty Odor

When a pipe is leaking, a musty smell often becomes apparent shortly before mold/mildew become visible.

Sound of Running Water

If you're sure that all of your faucets and spigots are off, but you can still hear running water, then you've got a classic sign of a water leak. In such a situation, you can also take a look at your water meter to see if it indicates that water is being used when you know it should be off.

Stained Wall

A pipe leak in your wall that has gone undetected could lead to staining on that wall.

Damp Floors

Unexplained floor dampness is certainly cause for concern. If this occurs, it's wise to call in an experienced plumber to conduct an inspection. When a leak goes unaddressed, property damage can grow increasingly worse, and health issues may even arise if the leaking matter is toxic.

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Posted: January 16, 2021

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