Our Glendale Plumbers Break Down the Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Enough Hot Water

Our Glendale Plumbers Break Down the Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Enough Hot Water

Our Glendale Plumbers Break Down the Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Enough Hot WaterHot water is used for most of our daily activities: from showering to doing laundry, to dishwashing. If your hot water has been running out faster than usual, read below to find out why. If you need plumbing services, including solving water-related issues, in Glendale, AZ, or the surrounding areas, give Don Jones Plumbing a call.

Overusing a Small Water Heater

It's normal to run out of hot water when your house is full of guests or you're doing more loads of laundry than usual. But if it continues to be a problem, your current water heater may be too small for your household needs. Consider contacting a professional plumbing service to discuss the best size water heater for your home.

Rust and Sediment

If your water heater is old or you live in an area with hard water, your heater is prone to rust and sediment build-up. Sediment can settle at the bottom of the tank and cause heating issues. If your water is feeling lukewarm or turning brown, sediment is likely the cause. To prevent this issue, the tank needs to be drained once a year to clear out the sediment. If rust is the culprit, your tank is likely corroded and will need to be replaced. Water heaters should typically be replaced every 10 years.

Dip Tube Issues

The dip tube's job is to carry cold water to the bottom of the tank. The tube prevents hot and cold water from mixing. If the tube breaks, cold water will leak into the hot water reservoir, substantially lowering the temperature.

Plumbing Services in Glendale

Water heater repair or installation requires expert knowledge of gas lines or electricity, depending on the type of water heater being serviced, which is the exact knowledge possessed by the team at Don Jones Plumbing. If you suspect trouble with your water heater, don't hesitate to contact us. We offer professional water heater repair in Glendale and throughout Metro Phoenix! Contact the experts at Don Jones Plumbing at (623) 209-8464. Give us a call today to solve all of your home's plumbing needs!

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Posted: February 2022

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