5 Common Reasons that it's Time to Call the Plumber

5 Common Reasons that it's Time to Call the Plumber

When plumbing trouble arises, it can quickly turn your domestic bliss upside-down. But by quickly calling in the plumber, your home can be restored to normal working order in little time. When you need residential plumbing help, make sure you entrust the work to an experienced expert. Here are five common reasons to call in a plumber.

Slow Draining

If a serious clog is leading to standing water in your sink or shower, a seasoned plumber will be able to promptly take care of it. Oftentimes, the plumber will be able to remedy the clog by using an auger, also known as a drain snake. An auger is far more effective than common DIY tools, such as wire coat hangers.

No Hot Water

People often don't realize just how much they rely on hot water until they suddenly don't have any. This typically indicates a water heater problem. Water heater repair often involves enough complexity that it's best to leave it to a plumber than to try to handle it yourself. Other signs of water heater trouble include corrosion and murky tap water.

Back-Flow Problem

A drop in water pressure can cause water to reverse its downward flow and come back up the drain. With this problem, it's even possible that the water will start spilling out of the sink and onto the surrounding area, where it could cause water damage. An emergency plumber will be able to show up in a timely fashion and---with your main water valve shut off---get right to work on resolving the problem.

Toilet Continuously Runs

If there is damage to the seal that connects the tank to the bowl, then your toilet may keep running long after you've flushed. This is because such damage can trigger the tank to repeat its refill process.

New Plumbing Installations

When investing heavily in a bathroom remodel, you want to make sure that the installations are done expertly. An experienced plumber will flawlessly install your new bathtub, toilet, or sink.

If you need a residential plumber, be sure to get in touch with an experienced specialist. For residential plumbing in Glendale, Peoria, Goodyear, El Mirage, and Surprise, AZ, contact the experts at Don Jones Plumbing at (623) 209-8464. Feel free to give Don Jones Plumbing a call today to make an appointment for any of your home's plumbing needs!

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Posted: March 17, 2021

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